Symphonic Airlines
Planeporn from a 20 year old Hungarian / Je habite á Norwich, Royaume-Uni
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British Airways crew greet the inaugural 787 flight to YYZ, from LHR // ~x
amikor az ember a koliból kiköltözve jön rá, mennyi közös is volt benne a szobatársával
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José María Sert (1874-1945)
Photographic Study for “The triumphs of humanity, The Triumph of work”, 1937, Central Panel of the RCA Building
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Office Building (1966-71) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, by Abe Bonnema 
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Nejad Devrim (Turkish, 1923-1995), Composition, 1954. Oil on canvas, 129 x 161.5 cm.
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The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument at Expo 1937, Paris, France, 1937
“The ideal and symbol of the Soviet epoch.”